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Rights of Way

Tricia Singleton represents the Hampshire BDS for our Rights of Way.


Tricia has an MSc in Rural Land Management and works for Savills Rural Research as well as being a keen horserider and carriage driving groom based in the New Forest.  You can find her contact details on the Contacts page.


Useful Apps Whist mapping apps are very useful tools, please make sure you also have a hardcopy map of the area you are driving, riding or walking in case you loose power or signal on your mobile phone.  Taking a compass, reflective/high vis clothing and a loud whistle with you is also advisable to help if things go wrong.



A location finding app which is now being used by all emergency services (and a large number of delivery companies) to help people accurately describe their location.  It divides the surface of the earth into 3m x 3m squares and gives them a three word reference.

Find out more: 

Download: Apple or Android


Ordnance Survey

If you have recently bought a hardcopy OS map you can download the app and access that map on the go, or you can pay an annual subscription to get national coverage of all scale OS maps.

Find out more: Ordnance Survey

Download: Apple or Android 


JOMO Maps (apple only)

Another app Tricia finds really useful is the New Forest Maps app.  It costs £1.99 and currently is only available for Apple phones but it allows full access to all scales of OS maps for the New Forest, has off-line access (so you can still see where you are without signal) and you can plot and store your favourite routes in advance or record a route as you go.

Find out more: 

Download: Please see their website above for app links as they have a large range of maps, not just the New Forest!


Reporting a problem with a right of way


Hampshire County Council’s public rights of way website provides access to the definitive map for Hampshire.  This is a very informative site but is not always the best for route planning.  

This site also lets you register any issues you have encountered with a right of way.  However, you need to have registered an account with this website in order to register an issue – Tricia has an account for this and would be happy to report an issue for you.


If you have already reported an issue with a right of way, please let Tricia know so she can keep track of any ongoing issues.


To either let Tricia know about a report you have made or ask Tricia to report a problem for you, please use this form



There is a huge amount of infrastructure and housing development taking place within the county. Whilst it may not directly affect you, the knock-on effect may bring more traffic to what are now quiet roads in your area that potentially could impact on your driving and riding. Responding to planning consultations in your area raises the profile of carriage drivers and may make a difference.


Tricia is registered as a consultee with Hampshire County Council for infrastructure projects and has set up searches with all local planning authorities in Hampshire to receive notifications of planning applications impacting rights of way.  However, if you are aware of any planning issues impacting rights of way, please let Tricia know using this form just in case it has not come to her attention.








OS mpas




JOMO Solutions




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