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BDS Training


Training Scheme Syllabuses 

The BDS Training Committee launched a whole new training scheme at the main AGM in November 2021. It started with six new syllabuses that went from the complete novice through to the more advanced driver. Since then several more syllabuses have been added - a new grooms competence test and a commercial syllabus. 

We are hoping that these new syllabuses will encourage more drivers (and grooms) to work their way through the BDS Competence Levels, training and learning along the way. 

We love our sport and have a passion for carriage driving and every aspect of it but at the same time safety is paramount - there are lots of new people coming in and joining our hobby who need educating as to the correct way of doing things. We hope that with this new training scheme and BDS Instructors based around the country, learning will be inviting and fun.

We have two BDS Approved Instructors in Hampshire - 

Roger Page
Grayswood Carriage Driving Centre,
Lowhill Farm,
Portsmouth Road,
Fishers Pond, Hants
07771 515354


Sam Searle
Grayswood Carriage Driving Centre,
Lowhill Farm,
Portsmouth Road,
Fishers Pond, Hants
07883 538591


Both Sam Searle and Roger Page are on the BDS Training Committee.


We hold many training days and “Introduction to Carriage Driving” days throughout the year. We also run training courses working towards different competency tests and have many assessment days. Please keep an eye on our events page for when these come up.

If you have a problem or need help with a particular training issue please ring one of our Instructors. If you’d like to book an assessment please contact Sam Searle.


If you would like to contact the Chairman of the BDS Training Committee the details are as follows:
Modris Kesans
07970 040522

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